Service Lifts & Dumbwaiters

Service Lifts

We offer a range of service lifts and dumbwaiters for a variety of application depending on loading level and the cargo weight.

restaurants, pubs & offices
industrial applications




  • loaded at serving height.
  • heavier items
  • loaded from floor level
  • automatic bi-parting doors
  • heavier items
  • loaded from floor level
  • single or double-hinged doors


Silent Servant Manual Dumbwaiters

The Silent Servant is a manually operated dumbwaiter specifically designed to move goods such as groceries, laundry, firewood, etc, between the floors of multi-level homes.

Using an advanced heavy-duty counter-weighted hoist-mechanism, the Silent Servant delivers a smooth, quiet operation with minimum effort. Made in the USA , the Silent Servant is made from quality materials to insure a lifetime of trouble-free service with a minimum of maintenance.


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