Residential Lifts - Indoor


Whether you are building or renovating, the Apollo can be built and finished in a style that suits your home and décor'.

This lift is quiet, affordable, versatile, low in maintenance and can be installed either internally or externally.

Powered by water hydraulic cylinders the lift comes complete with it's own self supporting tower and doors. This is a huge saving as it eliminates the time and costs associated with building a conventional lift tower.

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Residential Lift Apollo



If overhead space is a problem, than the versatility of the Phoenix eliminates the need for large overhead and pit depth for two or three level lifts.

Available in a number of finishes the Phoenix offers flexibility in its cosmetic appearance

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Residential Lift Phoenix



Residential Lifts - Outdoor

Require assistance in walking up the stairs or the groceries and laundry are becoming hard to manage?

The budget model Gemini maybe a solution to your problems. Custom built in Australia, the Gemini is ideal for two storey homes that have a verandah or large patio.

Supplied as a complete unit with white colorbond cladding, the Gemini is the most cost effective lift as little building costs are associated with it. In fact the lift is so easy to install it can be fitted and up and running in a matter of two days.

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